Young people and pain management programs

There are a small number of pain management programs available to young people (children, adolescentsyoga 2 and young adults). These programs generally incorporate a rehabilitation model that is available in a 2 - 3 week block. Individuals who take part in these programs will all suffer from a chronic pain condition and may also be affected in a negative way in their physical functioning or low mood. This program is delivered in a group format, which also benefits these individuals by helping them feel less alone by increasing their opportunity for social relationships.

The education program covers various topics including:

  • What is chronic pain and how does it differ from acute pain;
  • Pain induced dysfunction of body movements;
  • Difficult days with chronic pain;
  • School Planning;
  • Physical activity;
  • Goal setting and pacing

Often this program will incorporate a mini family or friends program because pain doesn't just affect the individual themselves but also their family and close friends. It has been found that if family and friends also understand chronic pain and how to best manage it then they can be of better help and support to the young person living with pain. These programs are seen to be effective because they offer patients clear explanations for the complexity of chronic pain; 'why it won't go away' and also measures for coping and dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis to regain a valued life.


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